Tatiana Maslany had some breaking news to share with Stephen Colbert: The “Orphan Black”  alum is married!

During an appearance on “The Late Show” on Thursday, the 36-year-old actress revealed she secretly wed boyfriend Brendan Hines. “I married a wonderful guy named Brendan,” she said. “There’s certain things you want to kind of keep private, but we felt like you were the right person to tell it to.”

While she didn’t share exactly when the two tied the knot, Maslany noted it was during the coronavirus pandemic. As for the nuptials themselves, they were small, but special – and even included their dog, Earl, as ring bearer.

However, the wedding didn’t go off entirely without a hitch as Earl accidentally lost the rings, which were in a box fastened to his collar. “Then we found the rings,” she assured, “kind of in this, truly it was like a field of sheep.”

Though it’s unclear how long the two had been dating before they tied the knot, Maslany and the “Locke & Key” star made their red carpet debut as a couple this year in March. And while she just broke the news, eagle-eyed fans may have noticed Maslany wearing a gold band on that finger recently, including at 2022 Comic-Con in July.


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