It was recently announced that Jon Hamm would be joining Apple TV+ series “The Morning Show” for its upcoming third season, playing a “corporate titan” eyeing the UBA network, home to the titular daytime TV show hosted by Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson (played by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, respectively).

Witherspoon, who’s also a producer on the show, shared more details about Hamm’s character, Paul Marks, during an FYC event held at The Edition hotel in West Hollywood.

“I might have gotten a lot of phone calls from my friends when they announced Jon Hamm,” she joked to Deadline.

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“He is the greatest,” she said of the “Mad Men” star.

“It’s such a good part too. You’re just going to get the full Hamm,” she said, adding with a laugh, “Wait, that didn’t sound right.”

While information about Hamm’s character is being kept under wraps, Witherspoon described Paul Marks as “a very complex character” who will be facing off against UBA network president Cory Ellison, played by Billy Crudup.

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“He’s a media mogul and he gives Billy Crudup a run for his money, which I think is the most fun part too, because Billy could eat a scene like I’ve never seen somebody eat a scene, and Hamm gets to come in and give him a great foil,” Witherspoon said, comparing the relationship between the two A-type characters to “Alien vs. Predator.”

The third season of “The Morning Show” has just started production, and is expected to air sometime next year.