Megan Thee Stallion lost her mother, Holly Thomas, to brain cancer in 2019, and in a new interview she looks back at the final piece of advice she gave her.

As People reports, the rapper opened up about her late mom in a new interview with Ebro and Nadeska for Apple Music 1, revealing how her mother’s death continues to affect her.

“I just be taking it day by day and I be like ‘Lord, thank you for getting me up out this bed’ because sometimes I just wanna say ‘I’ll lay here for another hour, I’m not going.’ And then I be, ‘No, you’re Megan Thee Stallion… you gotta take care of you,'” she said.

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“At this point in my life, I really realized that my mama was really driving the car for a long time,” she mused. “I didn’t even have to think about too many things when mama was with me. I feel like it is just recently that it’s clicking to me, like who can I ask anything to?”

As she explained, she’d come to realize how much she relied on her mother, and why she now depends only on herself because she doesn’t “want to put people in my business.”

“When I’m going through something personal, I’m like, ‘I just got to pray,’ because I don’t even know who I can ask. Who can I ask about this situation? And who do I trust?” she said.

Megan also shared advice her mother gave her before she died, and how it continues to resonate today.

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“She was like, ‘Just because I’m sick that don’t mean yous not supposed to be going to do your work. You got to a show tomorrow.’ I had a show in California for the first time … it was at Diesel. It was something big. This was going to be one of the first biggest performances that I ever had,” she recalled.

“And she was just like, ‘Just because I’m sick, you and T Farris, y’all don’t stop. Y’all need to go to L.A. and still do your show.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right. I’m going to be back up here in a little bit.’ And then it was just over so quick and I was just like, ‘Oh my God, what do I do?’ She said, ‘Don’t stop,’ so then I just took that literally. And we’re here today,” she added.