Deacon Phillippe is getting his big break.

On the red carpet premiere of “Never Have I Ever” season 3, executive producer Mindy Kaling talked about the decision to cast Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe’s son in the new season.

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Explaining that Witherspoon, who is a friend of hers, had brought up the fact that Deacon was interested in following in his parents’ footsteps and getting into acting, Kaling said, “We were breaking the season and there was this role that seemed like it would be perfect for Deacon.”

In the new season, Phillippe plays Parker, a friend of Des (Anirudh Pisharody), the new love interested for star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan’s Devi, and also a member of the school’s rival debate team.

“He’s obviously so talented and he’s great-looking, and we just thought he would be great and he was excited to come and do it,” Kaling added of Deacon. “He’s just such a well-raised kid. He’s so talented, he’s so funny and fit in perfectly with the cast. The cast and the crew loved him and it was special to have him.”

She said, “He’s such a humble kid and he just wants to learn. And he’s been raised by two very successful actors. He’s not wary or anything. He just came in with this open mind and was excited.”

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“He was great, and we were like ‘Come aboard!’” show runner Lang Fisher also said. “This is the first thing he has ever done, but he was such a professional. He was just raised like a wonderful young man. He came to set really prepared and he did a great job.”

Previewing the new season, Kaling said., “We try to pack in a lot in each season. There’s emotional things that we trying to showcase, but also it still needs to be a funny show. I feel like you turn on TV and every comedy is kind of depressing. And we just wanted to do a show that brought joy to people’s lives. But there’s serious things like grief, and that’s important for us to write about, and growing up and moving out of your house.”