Sydney Sweeney is reflecting on the scenes from “Euphoria” season 2 that she was most nervous about filming. 

The actress plays Cassie Howard in the hit HBO series.

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“One was the hot tub scene,” recalled Sweeney in an a new interview with Deadline. “I had to have a tube in my mouth and it was filling my mouth with disgusting chunks of food and I don’t even know what, and then I had to hold it in my mouth while the scene was happening and act as if it wasn’t happening and then throw up everywhere.”

The 24-year-old star was also worried about the sequence where Cassie goes up on stage and ruins her sister’s play.

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“I have terrible stage fright and there was an actual audience in the auditorium that we built,” she continued.

However, Sweeney also revealed how one of her co-stars helped her to get through the day.

“I was very nervous, but Maude [Apatow] and I, we had a great time together. She made it more enjoyable for me,” she added.