Anne Heche will be honoured in a poignant ceremony before her organs are ready for donation, according to Us Weekly.

The actress was declared legally dead on Aug. 12, however, her life support machine will be turned off on Sunday.

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According to her representatives, Heche will receive an Honour Walk, where hospital staff line the path and pay their respects from the donor’s hospital room to the operating room. 

Heche had remained on life support to keep her heart beating despite being “brain dead,” and being considered legally dead under California law, in order to find an organ donation match.

A representative for her family told CNN that a match has now been found.

Before her death was announced, Heche was in hospital for several days in critical condition following a fiery car crash.

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The “Donnie Brasco” star was driving at high speed when she ran off the road on Aug. 5, crashing into a residence, with the car becoming engulfed in flames.

A representative said that Heche suffered a severe anoxic brain injury, depriving her brain of oxygen.