Your local Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, may be back in business.

On Wednesday night, Kenan Thompson appeared on “The Tonight Show”, and host Jimmy Fallon brought up a recent post in which the comic celebrated the 25th anniversary of “Good Burger”.

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In the caption of the post, Thompson added, “Sup wit that Part 2!👀”

“Are you saying that ‘Good Burger 2’ is happening?” Fallon asked.

“I would like it to!” Thompson responded.

He then revealed that, in fact, a sequel to the classic comedy co-starring Kel Mitchell might actually be in the works already.

“We are working harder on it than ever, so it’s about meeting the numbers, letting them numbers match up. ‘Cause I need them numbers,” he said.

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“Good Burger” originated as a sketch in Thompson and Mithell’s ’90s Nickelodeon series “All That”.

Asked by Fallon what he thinks their characters would be up to today, Thompson said, “I feel like [Mitchell’s character Ed] should have, like, a million kids. And then [my character Dexter is] coming out of jail for something that [Ed] put [him] in jail for.”