Drew Barrymore is the latest star to take on the celebrity image flash trend on TikTok.

The “The Drew Barrymore Show” host revealed her surprise celebrity interview was Machine Gun Kelly, while dishing on her best co-star kisser being E.T.

She’s also a huge Joey King fan, confirming the actress is the surprising celeb in her phone, and insisted she should be the one to play her in a biopic.

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The final question was the most shocking of the clip — Barrymore’s celebrity crush is Darth Vader.

@thedrewbarrymoreshow BEST co-star kisser was… WHO?! #trend #tea #reaction #surprise ♬ Luxury fashion (no vocals) – TimTaj

Barrymore regularly treats fans to epic videos on social media. Her latest clip comes after she filled everyone in on her home renovation earlier in the summer.

She shared one clip showing her bursting into tears after finding a window.

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The star explained how it was a message of hope, showing that when something’s dark you can pry it open and create light.

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