Dave Franco isn’t particularly renowned for his skills as a rapper, but that may change with the release of a new music video from his “Day Shift” co-star Jamie Foxx.

In the new Netflix action comedy, Foxx and Franco star alongside Snoop Dogg as vampire hunters who make a living by “slashing necks and cashing cheques” while working for the International Vampire Hunters Union — which is the subject of the video for Foxx’s new song “BUD (Mowing Down Vamps)”.

“Mowing down vamps with my best friend Bud,” Franco raps at the beginning of the song, referring to the name of Foxx’s character, with Foxx doing some rapping of his own about midway through the video.

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Foxx announced the arrival of the music video on Twitter, where he also did a little bragging about the new movie’s viewership numbers.

“It’s here!!!” wrote Foxx, accompanying a link to the video. “Thanks to the fans #dayshift is so big we made a video for the theme song. We still #1 on @netflix.”