Singing an iconic song to the iconic singer-songwriter who originally wrote and sang it proved to be a “nerve-wracking” experience for Harry Styles when he performed “River” for living legend Joni Mitchell.

Styles discussed the experience during an interview with Canada’s own Nardwuar, reported Billboard,  who spoke with Styles during his recent Coachella stint.

It began when the Vancouver-based interviewer noted that Styles’ new album is titled Harry’s House, prompting him to ask whether the singer had ever been to “Joni’s house.”

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“I did go to her house for like a, she had a Christmas carol sing-along one time and I was invited by the wonderful Brandi Carlile and it was very fun,” Styles said.

“I wasn’t gonna sing anything, and then Brandi kind of volunteered me to sing ‘River,’ which was one of the more nerve-wracking moments in my life — singing ‘River’ in front of Joni Mitchell,” he recalled. “But it was pretty special.”

The interview can be seen in its entirety above.