Trace Cyrus has revealed a dramatic body transformation, and in the process he’s taken care of something that was “destroyed” last year. His mindset.

Miley Cyrus‘ older brother took Twitter earlier this week and posted before and after photos. In the picture on the left, Trace said it’s what he looked like at the end of last year. The picture on the right shows what he looks like today, slimmer and toned. Trace said he was “mentally destroyed” and that also resulted in also letting his body go.

“Your mindset is everything,” he added. “It can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. F**k motivation. Stay dedicated!

The 33-year-old tattoo-lathered musician got plenty of support in his replies. One person wrote, “Hey Trace and I think you look amazing and great either way and I love love all of your art that’s pretty awesome.” Another person said, “Great job mate-you look and feel amazing-thats what life is about !!”

Trace has documented his transformation on Instagram, where he’s posted plenty of updates. In one recent post, Trace implored his followers to remain focused on their goals and “choose wisely the people you spend your time with.”

He added, “It’s better to be alone than surround yourself with the energy of others who don’t have the same ambition and drive as you.”

In another post, Trace offered a glimpse of his intense workout routine.

“I’ve been going crazy in the gym lately. 2 workouts a day 6 days a week no matter what,” he said. “I feel amazing! I truly don’t understand how so many people don’t make their health a priority. I feel we live in a day and age where everyone is about body positivity and ignoring the facts of how unhealthy some people are. We live in times that has made us lazy, unmotivated, and weak. Our body’s are capable of so much and want to do so much more than sitting on the couch scrolling through a phone for hours and binge watching Netflix. Get up and get after it! Your mind and body will thank you for it 🏋️.”

Words to live by.


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