James Van Der Beek is looking back at his family’s journey after experiencing tragic pregnancy losses.

The actor turned reality star shared family photos from two separate trips to the same place with his wife and growing family of six kids.

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The first photo was taken after his wife’s first miscarriage in 2019, while the second was taken in August 2022.

He captioned the post, “Pic #1: December ‘19. Pic #2: August ‘22.”

The first photo shows Van Der Beek in winter clothing with his son posing in front of a river in a forest.

“Pic #1 we had just lost a baby 18 weeks into pregnancy and almost lost @vanderkimberly in the process. I had a collaboration going south, rapidly. And I’d just been booted off a reality dancing competition I’d been favored to win. (I feel like three out of those four are fairly relatable 😂),” he began. “So, last minute, we rented an #RV, and headed north. No real plan, just day-to-day. Late one night we pulled into a quaint little RV park I’d booked a few hours earlier, and woke up next to this river.”

This trip ended up being important for their family as it was the first step in their mourning process.

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“And thus began the process – not necessarily of healing – but of being present. Present to the pain. Present to the beauty around us. And present to the acceptance of being in a process I did not understand,” said the actor.

The couple would experience tragedy again in June 2020 at a little over 17 weeks.

The next set of three photos were taken this month with his family dressed for the warm summer weather. They welcomed their sixth child Jeremiah together in October 2021.

“2 ½ years later, after another late-term pregnancy loss, after that project blew up completely, after we moved to a new state and got our own RV… we came back to that same spot. With a brand new baby boy 🌈🌈,” he continued. “Reflecting back on that first trip, I’m astounded by how much I didn’t know about the path to where I am now… and by how much peace I was able to feel in the midst of that darkness.”

The 45-year-old had advice for anyone who found themselves in a similar place of darkness.

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“Whatever you’re going through… if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, or even know where to look for it,” he wrote. “I invite you to not underestimate the power of a little change of environment… and of taking the time to sit exactly where you’re at.”

He added, “Healing comes at its own pace. Presence might just be a pre-requisite.”

Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly also share Olivia, 11, Joshua, 10, Annabel, 8, Emilia, 6, and Gwendolyn, 4.

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