Lili Reinhart is pulling back the curtain to reveal a secret rule that actors appearing in The CW’s series must follow.

During an appearance on on Josh Horowitz’s “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, the “Riverdale” star explained why kissing on the show can only go so far.

“You can only be so much of an adult on a CW show, because you’re not even really allowed to kiss with tongue,” she divulged. “That aspect of things are a little different.”

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Meanwhile, as the final season of “Riverdale” approaches, Reinhart says that she’s “excited” about moving on to other projects, in which she’s hoping to play “more diverse and complicated, messier characters” than her “Riverdale” role.

“I have a lot of sort of dramatic, deep roles in my future after ‘Riverdale’,” she shared. “Definitely roles that you have not seen me in — I’m an adult! I’m an adult woman and I’m going to start playing those more adult roles.”

Reinhart’s entire “Happy Sad Confused” interview can be viewed above.