Amara Skye may have revealed just a bit too much about her famous grandmother.

On the latest episode of “Claim to Fame”, the 32-year-old contestant was revealed to be the granddaughter of Oscar-winning actress and “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

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Speaking with USA Today, Skye shared that she did regret one of the secrets she shared about her grandmother on the show.

“She had a boyfriend that was, like, 90 years old, and she used to go hang out with him,” she has said on the show. “Some old white man named John, and he was like a billionaire. She used to sneak off and have [sex] appointments, randomly.”

In the interview, Skye said, “No one knew about that – I barely found out about that. So I was just like, ‘Oh, man. I think I just put my grandma’s business out there, and I don’t really know if she’s going to be OK with this.’ But my grandma’s really, really cool and pretty open. So, I don’t think I did so bad.”

She added, “All day, I literally was just like, ‘Oh my God, did I say this? Is she gonna kill me?'”

Skye also said that she and her grandmother are “very close,” but she is “pretty secretive,” and, “She’ll let you know what she wants and then just do her own thing.”

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In another interview with PopCulture, Sky added that Goldberg was totally supportive of her appearing on “Claim to Fame”.

“She was all for it,” she said. “She was like, ‘Alright, go for it!'”

Goldberg also gave advice on how to approach the competition.

“She was trying to tell me, ‘Don’t talk to a lot of people, just lie, lie, lie,'” Skye recalled, though she admitted she didn’t follow that advice.