Ever since Daniel Craig announced he was stepping away from the James Bond franchise after “No Time to Die”, rumours have swirled that Idris Elba is the frontrunner to portray the next 007.

While no decision has been made by Bond producers, that hasn’t prevented Elba from being constantly asked about the rumours — so much so that he’s becoming fed up with being asked the same question on repeat.

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Elba shared his frustrations in a recent appearance on the “Jemele Hill is Unbothered” podcast.

“I have no more answers for it,” he said. “I just tell people ‘aw, don’t ask me that.’”

In his view, questions about Bond have been asked and answered, and “a lot of times it’s really lazy journalism. And people try to use it as clickbait like ‘what’s he gonna say this time?’ I try to say the same things. Every now and then I just tease them, but every now and then I’ll give them some philosophy on why I don’t want to do it or why it’s a rumour. But most times now I tend not to talk about it.”

A few years back, apparently before growing tired with that particular line of questioning, Elba took to Twitter to share a hilarious response to the rumours.

In the tweet, he declared, “my name’s Elba, Idris Elba.”