Lisa LaFlamme’s predecessor is on her side.

Former CTV National News anchor Lloyd Robertson shared his thoughts on LaFlamme’s controversial firing, with a comparison to Shakespeare, Guelph Today reported.

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Robertson was participating in a discussion at the Stratford Festival’s Tom Patterson Theatre when he likened the situation to that of Cordelia in the play King Lear.

“She held to her own integrity, all through with the old man. From the beginning, saying, ‘My bond is our father-daughter relationship.’ Right to the end, she was there for him,” he said.

In the play, Cordelia is banished by her father, the king, after she stays true to her sense of honesty and refuses to profess her love for him, as her sisters deceitfully do.

Despite the banishment, Cordelia returns later to care for her ailing father.

LaFlamme was fired as anchor last week in a shocking move, which CTV attributed to “changing viewer habits.”

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“You don’t go laying off that person the way you laid off Lisa LaFlamme,” Robertson said during the panel. “These people are good human beings, communicating with the public in a real way, and being true to their own identities and their own integrity as they go along.”

Reports since LaFlamme’s firing have emerged, alleging ageism and sexism as reasons for her dismissal.

Robertson was lead anchor on CTV National News from 1984 to 2011; when he retired, LaFlamme took over his position.

Katie Couric also jumped to LaFlamme’s defence on Instagram, writing: “Hey all… have you read about @lisalaflammectv who was unceremoniously dumped by @CTV because… well… perhaps because she let her hair go gray or she was making too much $$$ or the guys in charge are idiots.

“Yes, because of changing advertising models, mainstream media profits are declining significantly. But the way this was handled was really boneheaded. As reported in the @nytimes ‘Many journalists and viewers noted that two male longtime anchors before Ms. LaFlamme, one at CTV and one at another major broadcaster were allowed to retire at 69 and 77 and both were able to offer their farewells on air.’ (I will repost her goodbye on stories…)

“Needless to say, this has created a major PR disaster for the folks in charge at @CTV. We need to see women aging in every arena. Basically, this sucks. Feel free to sound off in comments.”