The summer is getting a very “Late Late Show” send-off.

On Wednesday night, late-night host James Corden rang in the fall with a tribute to all the biggest stories from this past summer.

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Rather than just list them off, Corden put them all in verse, complete with rhymes and jokes, recapping all the important headlines.

“Ben and Jen said I do/Pete and Kim said we’re through,” he began. “The feds showed up on Trump’s front lawn/Pelosi summit in Taiwan/Boris stepped down in disgrace/We were loving pics from space.”

He later continued, “Beyoncé’s album gave us hope/Jordan Peele gave us ‘Nope’/’Lightyear’ didn’t hit as planned/And why the hell was ‘Batgirl’ canned?”

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At one point he paused the recap to question why masks are still mandatory in the studio at the “Late Late Show” taping.

“It always feels like a bit of a bummer when we bid farewell to summer/But there’s lots about the fall that’s nice, sweaters, cider, pumpkin spice/Enjoy it now, do your best living/Because before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving,” he ended.