Danny DeVito has something to say about that Michael Douglas story.

The iconic actor previously said that he once saved Douglas’s life while the pair were filming the 1984 movie “Romancing the Stone”.

He claimed in a 2018 interview that he had to suck the poison out of his fellow actor’s hand after he was bitten by a snake.

DeVito said on “The Talk”, “I always heard the best thing to do is suck the poison out, right away, so I did.

“I grabbed his hand and I sucking [the poison out], I’m spitting all over the place, and I say, ‘Boy, it’s a good thing this didn’t bite you on the balls, man; you would be a dead man.’”

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Despite convincingly telling the story, DeVito had to come clean after he was quizzed about the incident by his daughter Lucy while the pair were taking a lie detector test for Vanity Fair.

Lucy asked her father if he considered Douglas to be a “good friend,” to which he replied that he was.

She then asked, “Is it true that you once saved his life?” to which he again said yes, but the lie detector test stated otherwise.

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“I actually made that story up,” DeVito admitted. “Okay, so I was lying. Oh yeah, I tell that on the talk shows.

“But you know, there’s an old joke that I probably can’t tell here because that’s like, guy gets bit in a certain other place by a snake. And he’s with his friend, and he says, ‘You gotta suck the poison out.’ And the guy says, ‘No way, baby. You’re a dead man. I ain’t sucking the poison out of that.'”

Lucy laughed, “I’ve never heard that one before.”