Jacy Nittolo is getting some permanent ink to honour the memory of fiancée Ray Liotta.

On Saturday, Aug.27, Nittolo shared a photo on Instagram in which she’s getting a new tattoo in tribute to the late “Goodfellas” star, who died in late May.

“Yesterday marked 3 months,” Nittolo wrote in the caption for the photo, in which legendary tattoo artist Mark Mahoney is inking her wrist.

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“It only seemed appropriate to do something meaningful that will forever be with me,” she added. “What an honor to have Mark Mahoneys gift do the work.”

Nittolo’s previous Instagram post was in June, when she marked one month since Liotta’s passing.

“There are no words to properly describe what one goes through with this type of unexpected loss,” she wrote in the heart-wrenching post, adding, “I miss him every second of every day.”