Everyone makes fashion mistakes – even Dwayne “The Rock”; Johnson.

Last year, Johnson posted a heavily-mocked throwback photo of himself in the ’90s, sporting a turtleneck, baggy “mom jeans,”; a chain and fanny pack. The photo sparked endless comments online and became an IRL meme as people shared photos of themselves dressed as the fanny-packed Johnson.

The actor is fully aware of the sensation his photo caused, laughingly stating, “They do this as a joke. It’s crazy.”;

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Even celebrities aren’t immune to Johnson’s fanny pack.

During an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show”;, the British talk show host showed Seth Rogen’s photo imitating the then 20-year-old Johnson. Rogen went so far as to don a padded muscle suit under his turtleneck to imitate Johnson’s muscles. Johnson had nothing but laughs for Rogen’s take on his ’90s style.


Johnson remembers the photo shoot quite well, going into details with Norton and fellow guests Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum, who surprised the actor with their own take on the infamous photo. During the interview, the actor finally shared the reason behind the mystery tissue under his arm in the image. Just like his look, the tissue was also intentional.

“This was you being serious?”; Hemsworth asks Johnson.

“Oh yes, I think I’m cool,”; he says on his look. “This was full-on.”;