Jennifer Lopez’s sexy curves haven’t always garnered her rave reviews.

The actress, singer and former “In Living Color” dancer recently recalled the body shaming she endures early on in her career with E! News. “They kept telling me to lose weight,” she revealed. “And I was a dancer and I was athletic and even my manager at the time, who I no longer work with, um, was telling me, ‘You need to lose weight. You need to be thinner.'”

She continued, “I was like, ‘No I don’t. If I lose any more weight it won’t be me.’ You know what I mean?”

Lopez went on to express how happy she is to see Hollywood embrace different body types and beauty ideals. “It’s a different time now you know, which is awesome to see for me where it is about our differences. It’s about all the diversity It’s just a more accepting time of everything whether it’s body type or race or gender. We’ve come a long way,” she added.

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