Things got slightly weird during the latest installment of “Last Week Tonight” as John Oliver exchanged vows with a very large cabbage.

It all began after Oliver told viewers about a Discord user named postpoopzoomies, who created over 500 images of AI generated art involving him.

The images included “John Oliver as Mona Lisa” and “John Oliver at brunch with the girls and he’s laughing because Debbie told a funny joke.”

Another series of images depicted a love story between the comedian and a cabbage, from the dating stage, to accidentally eating and mourning the leafy green vegetable.

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“What a journey we all just went on,” said Oliver. “This story is a true testament to life’s highs and lows, showing how poetic, lovely, and weirdly full of cabbage life can be.”

The TV host then decided that the series needed a proper wedding photo, leading him to marry the cabbage in an intimate ceremony officiated by Steve Buscemi.

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“There’s really only one way to remedy the fact that we were cheated out of that key wedding image, and that is for me to provide it for you now,” he said. “So please, come with me, because I’m about to marry a f*****g cabbage.”

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