A new short film brings together an unlikely pairing.

This week, a teaser debuted for director Sally Potter’s new short “Look at Me”, which will have its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, and stars Chris Rock and Javier Bardem, along with dancer-actor Savion Glover.

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“Rehearsals for a fundraising gala become the arena for a struggle between two men; one, the gala director and the other, a richly talented but unstable rock drummer,” the official synopsis reads. “As their battle for expression and control escalates against a relentless rhythmic backdrop, their public and private selves explosively collide.”

The teaser features a scene of intense confrontation between Rock and Bardem, giving a taste of the 16-minute short’s tone.

According to a statement from the director, the film was “originally conceived as a self-contained short story within a feature length film; in effect a ‘film within a film’.”

It was shot in five days, while the larger film eventually became Potter’s 2020 drama “The Roads Not Taken”, starring Bardem.

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“Whilst shooting the scenes between Javier and Chris, it immediately became clear that this material was destined to be a stand-alone story: a film in its own right,” Potter said. “When I got into the cutting room, I saw how dynamic these titans of the entertainment world are together, their volatile, fiery onscreen relationship offset by the rhythms of the brilliant tap-dancer Savion Glover. The destiny of the story was clear: it had nothing to do with the other project. It had to become a short film, a fast-moving portrait of conflict and love. The result is ‘Look at Me’.”

Potter’s previous films include the groundbreaking 1992 feature “Orlando”, as well as “The Tango Lesson” and “Ginger & Rosa”.