Kids aren’t the best at keeping secrets.

On Monday, Hilary Duff shared an Instagram Story featuring a funny text exchange with her assistant about her three-year-old daughter Banks.

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“Banks told a story at camp…’my mom made bad chicken and now she has diarrhea…that’s what happens when you make bad chicken,’” the text read.

Photo: Hilary Duff/Instagram
Photo: Hilary Duff/Instagram

Apparently Duff did not intend for that story about the chicken to spread outside the home.

“Whoaaa! Don’t trust your kids!” she wrote in a caption. “Home girl ousted me to the soccer coaches.”

She also shared a photo of her daughter smiling on a swing, with the caption, “The rat.”

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On Twitter, fans were laughing up a storm at Duff’s embarrassment at the hands of her daughter.