Chris Rock is getting slapped back once again.

On Sunday, the comedian performed a set in Phoenix, where, according to the Los Angeles Times, he explained why he turned down hosting the next Oscars with a joke about Nicole Brown Simpson.

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Referencing being slapped by Will Smith, Rock joked that going back again to host would be like asking Brown Simpson, late wife of O.J. Simpson, “to go back to the restaurant” where she famously left her eyeglasses before she was killed.

Twitter users called out Rock for joking about a murdered woman.

Others suggested Smith had been right to slap Rock at the Oscars, given the joke.

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Some did defend Rock, though.

Brown Simpson’s sister, Tanya Brown, was among those criticizing Rock over the joke, telling TMZ that it “wasn’t just unfunny, it literally doesn’t make sense” and that there was no comparison between the Oscars and a gruesome double homicide.

Brown said Rock’s attempt at humour was “distasteful to say the least” and “offensive” to the family.

She pointed out that there are still surviving family members who are dealing with losing Brown Simpson every day “and this type of stuff hits close to home and hurts people.”

Brown also insisted that comedians should be held accountable for what they say.

She added on Instagram:

Christopher Darden, the prosecutor in O.J. Simpson’s trial, then shared in a post to his private Instagram account, which ET has seen: “I don’t advocate violence but I guess this guy hasn’t learned his lesson. I guess Will failed to slap any sense into him.”

Simpson was acquitted after standing trial for the murders of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman.

Darden went on, “I know some people who are deeply hurt and offended by this joke. Lame as it is. I mean he has every right to say what he said but maybe if some of his jokes were more general in nature and not so specific as to mock specific people.

“Nicole was somebody’s mother bruh and Ron was a son and a brother, you know? Do you always have to make a joke at somebody else’s expense? Ain’t you learned nothing from the slap that was heard around the world?”

Brown commented, “Thank you, Chris.”