Casey Hammer, aunt to Armie Hammer and member of the controversial Hammer family, is spilling dark family secrets in the upcoming “House Of Hammer” docuseries.

“It was a very powerful, influential and famous family that on the outside had to look perfect,” Casey says, as she prepares for the new series to premiere on September 2.

“In all honesty, I started it as a journal for myself, as a way to self-heal, because I was trying to make sense of everything I had experienced growing up,” Casey tells ET Canada of the motivations behind the Discovery+ series, which will dive into the notorious family’s sordid and dark history. “I’m also a Hammer. It’s a very horrific, well-documented childhood that was just crazy and it’s all I knew. And so, again, to me, it was normal.”

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The “House Of Hammer” follows not just the sexual abuse allegations surrounding “The Social Network” star Armie, but looks back into the family’s multigenerational history of “Hammer men abusing,” according to Casey.

“All I knew was that when I first heard the allegations and the media buzz, I wasn’t shocked because of my experience,” she tells ET Canada. “And again, my family, they got away with murder, literally, and my father that was covered up.”

Casey explains that image is everything for the Hammers: “You couldn’t misstep out there, you couldn’t say anything. You couldn’t embarrass my family. I refer to my grandfather running the family like a chessboard and he controlled all the moves. So it was like that for real growing up. And it was scary and frightening and yet to me, normal.”

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Explaining that the family are well-mastered in the art of spin when it comes to public relations, Casey says that all the rumours swirling about Armie’s whereabouts and his selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands could very well be subterfuge.

“There was rumours that he was in L.A. There were rumours that he was in Rome, where, again, it’s ‘Armie Hammer broke’ and [not] ‘real people broke.’ You just don’t know. I know what a PR spin can look like. I’m just saying that that’s how my family always portrayed each other out in public.”

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With “House Of Hammer”, Casey hopes to illustrate that there can be consequences for actions, no matter how wealthy you are, and to let victims know they are supported.

“It’s having way too much money and thinking you’re above the law. It’s just not right,” she says. “There’s too many victims that get left in the path and forgotten. And that’s the sad thing because it’s not a place to be alone. You don’t need to be alone. You can find people that have been through similar experiences and band together and help each other. And I think that’s what this is all about. Or one of the things I hope that people come away with once they watch it.”