Kylie Jenner tells one alleged Internet super sleuth that they are making a serious reach.

Jenner posted a TikTok video on Saturday promoting a new Kylie Cosmetics product. Towards the beginning of the video, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” alum dropped her phone and let out a small yelp.

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new lip blushes available now 🤍 @Kylie Cosmetics

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Some viewers accused Jenner of orchestrating the phone-drop to appear more relatable.

“Like, this is something [Internet personality] Emma Chamberlain would post,” one person commented. “And I just think it’s interesting because, it’s like, you’re a billionaire, girl — why are you reviewing lip kits in your car when you live in a multi-million dollar home?”

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“It’s really not that deep or calculated,” Jenner replied. “This video took me five minutes to make. And yes I still drive and do normal things.”