Ella Halikas is recreating a recreation, and it’s all about body inclusivity.

In an Instagram post the Sports Illustrated model shared on Wednesday, Aug. 31, Halikas is seen in several side-by-side photos with Kim Kardashian from her recent SKIMS vintage swimsuit shoot.

She writes, “when i saw this vintage Hollywood shoot for kim’s @skims line go live, i knew immediately i needed to recreate it on a curvier body type.”

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Pointing out that Kardashian “has so much power over the beauty standards,” her intent is “to show you that you can look just as ICONIC wearing the same thing in a bigger body.”

Her goal, she explained, is “to change the narrative around beauty and society’s bullsh*t standards. i want to change the perspective of what people think they can or cannot pull off because of their body type.”

She adds that “the coolest thing is that we are all beautiful in our own way. we are all so unique and that’s what should be celebrated, not whether or not we fit into the ‘beauty standards’!!! YOU CAN ROCK THESE SUITS TOO HUNNAYYY💅🏼”

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She concluded by tagging Kardashian and addressing her directly, pointing out that she “noticed there weren’t many curve or plus size models in this campaign, so let me know if you want to book me for the next one✨💓 I’M READYYY👏🏼👏🏼”