James Corden and Jason Momoa are making up for lost time after not being able to spend the summer together.

In a new “Late Late Show” clip, Momoa explained how he couldn’t see Corden recently because he’d been too busy filming “See” season 3.

Corden complained, “Too bad we didn’t get to have the old Momoa/Corden ‘Hot Boy Summer 2022’.”

The pals both agreed it was time for a summer montage, with the skit showing them heading off to Pisa in Italy, Paris, and more, as well as BBQing in the nude and going on roadtrips.

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They even battled it out in a game of rock, paper, scissors with mouths full of water. Corden lost, so Momoa slapped him round the face with a tortilla, taking on the summer’s TikTok trend, causing the host to spit water everywhere.

Corden and Momoa relived the summer full of memories to the tune of “I’m Walking on Sunshine”.

However, the clip didn’t end so well after Corden fell asleep on Momoa’s shoulder and they ended up tumbling down a cliff.

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