U.S. Open tennis commentator Chanda Rubin is defending herself after she and her co-commentator misidentified Dionne Warwick for Gladys Knight, which sparked outrage on Twitter, mainly due to the fellow singers’ noticeably different appearances.

Footage of the mishap was shared online by the account Stevies_Wonder, who captioned the video, “Unacceptable, from both of them.”

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Rubin claimed that she was “initially looking at the court” where she spotted Knight but, on her monitor, Warwick appeared instead.

In the viral clip, the women’s tennis star turned commentator points out a celebrity watching Serena Williams’ U.S. Open match against Anett Kontaveit from the stands on Wednesday evening.

“Oh, got some more stars!” Rubin says. “Gladys Knight,” her co-commentator interjects. “Gladys Knight!” Rubin repeats, seemingly offering her confirmation of the legendary singer.

Following the incident, Rubin offered context on social media, stating that there was a logical explanation for the mistake.

“Too bad I was initially looking at the court (where Auntie Gladys was in the stands) and not our program monitor that showed Ms. Dionne,” the Tennis Channel commentator responded to the Twitter user who criticized the alleged “mistake.”

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Rubin added that the “mistake was immediately corrected,” to which the user fired back, arguing that “it wasn’t immediate, but we still love you Chanda.”

Sticking up for herself once more, Rubin replied, “The immediacy of it is your opinion, [especially] when you’re unaware of various production setups.

“And you chose to leave the correction out,” she continued, referring to the footage that was shared on the user’s Twitter account. “But anything for clicks I guess so carry on. Oh…and thanks for your support.”

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Warwick then poked fun at the incident on Twitter:

Both Warwick and Knight were present during Williams’ second round victory against Kontaveit. The incident comes just three days after Laverne Cox was mistaken for Beyoncé while also watching Williams compete.