Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are celebrating National Welsh Rarebit Day.

The co-chairmen of Wrexham AFC debuted the Official Wrexham AFC Cookbook, 20 Ways to Make Rarebit this week, mocking all the different ways you can make the dish, commonly known as Welsh rabbit.

The pair dropped a video showing “international spins on a Welsh delicacy,” which was just the same dish with different garnishes.

A press release stated, “What’s rarebit you may ask? Well Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are here to tell you and share all the ways you can make one of Wales’ most famous dishes.”

Reynolds warned Chef Boyardee on Twitter:

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Reynolds and McElhenney told fans how they can purchase their own Welsh recipe book at wrexhamcookbook.com, priced at $18.64 plus shipping and handling. All profits will go to the Wrexham Foodbank.

Reynolds and McElhenney shared: “As co-chairmen of Wrexham AFC, our mission is to support the team and local community, both on and off the pitch.

“Today, we’re in the kitchen. And proud to share one of Wales’ most famous and tastiest legends – Welsh rarebit.

“In this book, we’ll answer questions like what is rarebit? Isn’t it just cheese on toast? And, why are two idiots with no culinary experience releasing a recipe book about this Welsh delicacy?

“Every page features a rarebit recipe lovingly tailored for fans around the world. So wherever you are, we hope you’ll enjoy taking a rare–bite out of Welsh history, as you cheer on the Red Dragons.”

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Reynolds and McElhenney’s cookbook comes after they released their new documentary “Welcome to Wrexham”.

The doc follows the duo’s decision to buy the National League Club in a bid to try and get it back into the English Football League.