Dominic Purcell made headlines in early June when he was injured on the Morocco set of the upcoming “Prison Break”; reboot, and while the Aussie actor says he’s “physically fine”; now, he admits at the time he thought it was all over when an iron bar crashed down on his head, resulting in a pair of deep gashes that exposed his skull and required 150 stitches.

In an interview with DeadlinePurcell explains that he was in the midst of filming a scene when “I felt this extraordinary explosion on my head that I’d never experienced. I’m just leaning over and the blood is just pouring out like a shower, and my stunt guy came up beside me, and I looked at him and said, “Dude, what the f***’s going on?’ … He said, “Your head’s split right open, I can see your skull, your nose is on the other side of your face.'”;

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At the time, he expected the worst, “that I was either going to black out or die, because in my brain, when he said my skull was showing, I just assumed that my skull was cracked, and blood was going to go into my brain, and I was going to f***ing die in Morocco.”;

Instead, the actor was rushed to a hospital in Casablanca, where he was given an anesthetic so a surgeon could straighten out his broken nose.

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“He said I have extra layers of skin around my skull, which actually prevented the fatal blow,”; recalls Purcell.

As of right now, he continues, “physically, I’m 100 per cent. You wouldn’t believe it — you saw the pictures — I’m good to go. I actually start filming “Prison Break”; on Monday.

Shortly after the accident, Purcell posted a short video of himself in the hospital, whacked out on painkillers with his head heavily bandaged: