“The Voice” is welcoming a brand new judge.

This week, the show dropped a preview of the upcoming 22nd season of the singing competition, with newcomer Camila Cabello asking her fellow judges for advice.

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“What do you guys think is the number one thing that you need to be a good coach?” she asks.

“I think you have to love music,” John Legend tells her. “You still have to have inspiration and joy in music. I feel like this show helps me keep that going.”

He adds, “I feel like you meet all these young artists that are hungry and really want to make it in our business that we’ve been in for a long time, and it renews my inspiration.”

Blake Shelton says, “I think the willingness to be real with those contestants or artists on your time, because it’s real easy to just play to the camera and say what you think is good for the show. It’s hard to look at someone in the eye and say, ‘Man, I’m just telling you right now,’ you know, whatever the bad news is. And not worrying about how you’re going to come across on TV.”

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Cabello also gets some love from Gwen Stefani, who tells her, “We’re really happy [you’re here]. You’re so cute, you’re so smart, you’re witty, you’re really good at beating up Blake!”

The new season of “The Voice” kicks off Sept. 19.