It looks college footballs fans don’t really know Jack Harlow.

On Saturday, the “Whats Poppin” rapper took the stage on “College GameDay” for the crowd at Ohio State, but the energy was a little low to say the least.

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As one Twitter user pointed out, while Harlow appeared to be giving the performance his best shot, the audience largely seemed indifferent.

While doing his song “First Class”, some in the crowd seemed to be singing along, but even Harlow himself seemed to recognize the lack of enthusiasm, gesturing to try and bring everyone’s spirits up to avail.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, football fans and others were in a tizzy, sharing memes and cracking jokes at the rapper’s expense.

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Harlow also sat down with the ESPN panel to share his thoughts on the games in store, quickly revealing he didn’t know or have much stake in the sport.

Football fans were laughing it up, though, as Harlow gave his reasoning for supporting certain teams, including backing Cincinnati because he once chatted with a girl from the city.