Animals love Will Smith, maybe a little too much.

On Saturday, the “Ali” star shared a video from Ecuador, where he is currently filming, and seemingly being stalked by a very curious peacock.

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“Why are these animals following me everywhere??” Smith captioned the post.

“We just sitting here in the spot in Ecuador and this is the kind of stuff that happens,” he says in the video. “Just a peacock at the window.”

He then trains the camera on a second storey window, where a peacock is perched, staring into the home.

“Oh he looking now too like, ‘Yo. Yep I see you too,'” Smith continues. “Now it’s two peacocks, what up yo.”

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It was only the latest strange animal encounter Smith has had in recent weeks. Last month, he shared a video of a tarantula he and son Trey had found wandering around.

“What in the hell,” Smith said in that video. “That is a big ass spider.”

He eventually enlisted Trey’s help in trapping the tarantula with a glass and a piece of paper before presumably letting it loose outside.