Andy Cohen life as a parent is all too relatable.

On Monday, the “Watch What Happens Live” host shared a hilarious video of his 3-year-old son Benjamin Allen throwing a tantrum in the car.

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As the kid screams and cries, Cohen tells him he’s been “watching Bob the Builder for six hours while I packed the car up. You can’t want to watch more!”

“I do,” Benjamin responds through his wailing.

Cohen then jokes, “Vacation is over!” as his son shouts, “I want to go back!”

The video then cuts to three minutes later when everything seems to have calmed down.

“Ben do you feel better now?” he asks, to which Benjamin responds, “Um, No.”

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A few days ago, Cohen shared a similar video of his son having a tantrum in the car.

Cohen attempts to calm his son down, offering him books to read, to no avail.

“I dunno,” the TV personality says.

After a cut and everything has calmed, Cohen asks why his son was crying.

“Cause I wanted you to park,” he says, explaining, “I wanted to get out.”

“Well, I’m glad we worked through that. Feel better?” his dad says, to which Benjamin replies, “Yeah!”