Michael Strahan once gave Ryan Reynolds a true out-of-body experience.

On Tuesday, Reynolds appeared alongside Rob McElhenney on “Good Morning America” and shared the story of being tackled by the TV host 20 years ago when he was still a football player.

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It all happened on the MTV show “Rock ‘N’ Jock”, in which celebrities tried their hands at playing different sports.

“Yeah we played together. He was on my team,” Strahan recalled.

“I’ve known Strahan for over 20 years now,” Reynolds said, before joking, “Michael hit me once and I remember and actually, I spat out my whole ribcage.”

The actor added, “It was crazy because I didn’t know that you could do that. I didn’t know the jaw could unhinge that way. And it did.”

“I honestly haven’t missed it,” Strahan said, adding after a laugh, “I appreciate the friendship. I have so much respect for you.”

Also during the “GMA” interview, Reynolds was asked about telling his wife that he and McElhenney had bought the Wrexham AFC soccer team.

“Well, first off, let’s back the truck up,” Reynolds said. “I would not just buy a team and then tel my wife. I don’t make unilateral decisions on milk.”

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He explained that they actually talked it through and came to the decision together.

“It’s one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me,” Reynolds said, “and genuinely one of the worst. I now love this sport so much that I hate it.”