Joan Collin has no time for the royals.

On Monday, the 89-year-old actress appeared on “Good Morning Britain” to talk about her new musical film “Tomorrow Morning” and threw some shade in Meghan Markle’s direction.

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Asked about the “other Duchesses” making headlines these days, Dame Joan joked, “Who could that be? I have no idea.”

When asked more specifically about Prince Harry and Meghan’s recent trip to the U.K., Collins responded, “Do we need to give any of them more oxygen?”

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Harry and Meghan were in the U.K. this week for the first time since attending Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in June.

They went to Manchester, where Meghan delivered a speech on gender equality at the One Young World 2022 Summit, before jetting off to Germany for an event marking one year until the Invictus Games there.