Cheryl Burke is setting the record straight.

On the latest episode of her podcast “Burke in the Game”, the “Dancing with the Stars” pro interviews former host Tom Bergeron, but explains that’s no sleight against Tyra Banks.

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“I respect her very much,” Burke said of the current host. “I want to be clear that when I say I would love Tom Bergeron to come back on the show, that doesn’t entail necessarily that Tyra has to be fired or I don’t want Tyra there.”


She also said that comments she gave to reporter Allison Kugel back in August wondering whether “newbies“ will “survive” the show were “taken out of context,” adding, “[When] I was mentioning newbies, it wasn’t just Tyra.”

Burke explained, “I was mentioning any new dancer, any new producer, any new hair and makeup person that decides to join ‘Dancing With the Stars,’” the choreographer continued. “They will have probably challenges along the way. I didn’t mean if Tyra, [specifically], will survive.”

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Talking about Banks, the dancer said that she has shown “beautiful … growth” over two seasons.

That said, Burke also said of Bergeron that she would “love for [him] to come back,” adding, “I think it would be so amazing, especially if I’m involved with the show somehow. It doesn’t mean that I want Tyra out. People just need to stop it.”

Bergeron himself said that he has “no issues with anybody who is in front of the camera on that show at all,” and said, “If someone’s offered a gig, they’re fully entitled to take it.”