Jenny McCarthy stands by her decision to not walk offstage in protest when Rudy Giuliani appeared on “The Masked Singer” earlier this year.

Following a poor rendition of “Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Giuliani was unmasked as the Jack in the Box.

McCarthy’s fellow “Masked Singer” panellists Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke stormed off while the former attorney to former president Donald Trump chatted with host Nick Cannon.

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McCarthy was asked what her immediate reaction to Giuliani’s appearance was on Wednesday’s “Watch What Happens Live”, insisting, “Like everyone that gets unmasked, I [was] completely shocked.

“Everyone is in their own wheelhouse in terms of how they handle their shock. The fact it was a political figure that was polarizing to half of the country [was] hard.

“I’m from the Midwest. I have plenty of family that [didn’t] have a problem with it,” she admitted.

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McCarthy went on, “I kind of checked in with myself at that moment and said I’m going to be a professional and I’m going to hope that this show brings together both sides.

“There has to be some place where everyone can just be entertained. The fact that Rudy Giuliani was there for his grandchildren. He wasn’t there to run a campaign. I was just like, ‘I will stand here and finish the show and give him at least that.’”

Fox exec Rob Wade has since shared that the network got what they were after with the stunt.

“’The Masked Singer’ is all about celebrities and jaw-dropping moments, which is exactly what the casting accomplished — whether it was on-set or with the viewers at home,” he said, according to TV Line.

Pressed on whether he had any regrets, Wade said only, “I suppose my only regret, or surprise, was obviously that the reveal was spoiled.”

During her “WWHL” appearance alongside Kyle Richards, McCarthy also spoke about all things “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.