You can’t celebrate a proper Halloween until you see at least one headless horseman. Good thing we have Sleepy Hollow for that! The new global supernatural drama was an early hit this fall — so early, that the show’s success caught Orlando Jones and the cast off guard. Tonight, ET Canada catches up with the actor to discuss the show’s success and his love of Canada.

“We thought it was a joke to be honest with you — ’cause only two episodes had aired and they were like “Fox is picking you up for season 2′ and I was like oh haha that’s funny and they were like “no seriously,'”; he reveals.

The show is now roaring ahead with it’s second season — something Orlando Jones couldn’t be happier about!

In joining the cast of Sleepy Hollow, Orlando was also happy to be a part of Canada again with the show airing Monday nights at 9pm on Global TV. The former funny man attended McGill University and has nothing but fond memories of his Canadian neighbours.

“I’ve always had a loving relationship with Canada…I miss the times I had there — the people I met — the fresh air. There’s a real feeling in Canada to me of community.”;

And with Halloween finally here, it might actually be best to steer clear of Orlando. The actor tells us that he is prepared to do some serious scaring today.

“If I can catch somebody off guard & like scare the poop out of them that is just… and by the way I asked the doctors if you can medically scare the poop out of someone & the doctors told me that you can in fact do that.”;

You’ve been warned!

Catch our full interview with the Sleepy Hollow star below.

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