Anna Wintour is back to answer another 73 questions after eight years.

The global editorial director of Vogue sat down with the magazine to talk about her taste in fashion, movies she’s looking forward to, and what she has planned for the future.

Wintour, or “Anna” as her grandchildren affectionately refer to her, revealed that she’s discovered the joys of group chats with family.

“A group friends-and-family chat, which was over our vacation, and highly, highly entertaining,” she answered when asked about a new experience.

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Wintour is a grandmother to two nieces — Ella Rose and Caroline Rose from her son Charles Shaffer — and her new nephew Oliver, from her daughter Bee Shaffer. She keeps in close contact with family as she revealed the last person she FaceTimed was her grandchildren.

She fielded questions about what she would have done if she hadn’t entered fashion (“conflict resolution”), as well as talked about her decision to leave England all those years ago.

“It just seemed a little bit too safe, too familiar,” she explained, but added that what she missed most from her native country was her family.

When the topic turned to movies, Wintour admitted she was a fan of both rom-coms and dramas. She then revealed which movies she thought had the best wardrobe.

“Well, Baz, that’s really difficult to choose between ‘Moulin Rouge!’ and ‘Elvis’,” she answered when asked by “Elvis” director Baz Luhrmann. “But I have to go with ‘Elvis’.”

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As for a Broadway musical about her life, she also had someone in mind to portray her.

“Meryl Streep,” she answered without hesitation.

The choice makes sense as the Oscar-winning actress has already had a turn playing a character inspired by the fashion editor in the 2006 film “The Devil Wears Prada”.

Closing out the interview, Wintour answered one of the key differences between the fashion world of a decade ago and now was “a degree of calm”.

Watch the full interview on Vogue.