Marilyn Monroe Biopic “Blonde” is already raking in the praise.

The movie stars Ana de Armas in the role of the Hollywood legend and had its premiere at the 2022 Venice Film Festival.

Films screening at the event are known to receive standing ovations, but the applause for “Blonde” was thundering as it lasted 11 minutes.

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Footage from the event shows the actress getting emotional and wiping away tears as the audience cheers.

They chanted her name “Ana, Ana, Ana” after the credits rolled for the film.

Aside from de Armas, producer Brad Pitt was also in attendance along with director Andrew Dominik, Adrien Brody and Julianne Nicholson.

“Blonde” is based on Joyce Carol Oates’ 2000 novel of the same name and was originally nixed in 2010. Something about the project, however, stayed with Dominik.

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“Blonde would never let me go,” he said at the festival, via Deadline.

The NC-17 film reimagines the life of Monroe, whose real name was Norma Jeane, as it explores her identity as a public figure and a private woman.

“I truly believe that she was very close to us, she was with us… She was all I thought about, she was all I dreamed about, she was all I could talk about,” de Armas said during the press conference, feeling the spirit of the starlet was with them. “She was with me and it was beautiful. I think she was happy… Being in the same places that she was, filming in her house, it was a very strong sensation there was something in the air and I think she was approving of what we were doing.”

“Blonde” will be released on Netflix on Sept. 23.