Daniel Radcliffe nails the look of “Weird Al” Yankovic for his latest film “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”, but when it comes to jam sessions on set, the actor only wishes he was as talented as the real musician.

“I wish that I was in any way a talented enough musician to jam with. All the guys in the band can really play their instruments so they could have, but I would not have been,” Radcliffe, 33, tells ET Canada at the film’s world premiere at TIFF. “My accordion skills are very basic and not really attuned to jamming.”

Starring Radcliffe as Yankovic, the biopic chronicles the “Like A Surgeon” musician’s early days, a love affair with Madonna (Evan Rachel Wood) and his meteoric rise to fame.

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Radcliffe naturally had to look the part which of course meant sporting Yankovic’s signature moustache.

“I really enjoyed the moustache towards the end,” he says. “My girlfriend does not miss the moustache. She’s very happy to have the full beard. I think she got used to it and liked it more than she thought she would. But yeah, it’s not a look, permanently.”

One person who was a big fan of Radcliffe’s ‘stache was Yankovic himself.

“It was good. I mean, you know, that’s his real ‘stache,” Yankovic tells ET Canada. “He grew that specifically for the movie. And, you know, he committed to the role. And I would grate that ‘stache a ten out of ten.”

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