Zac Efron is getting candid about his struggle with anxiety.

During his recent interview with Men’s Health, the star of the upcoming Apple TV+ movie “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” revealed that he has agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that makes him fearful of crowded spaces or exiting home.

“I just don’t go out,” Efron admitted in the interview.

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“People in large groups, it triggers my agoraphobia,” he said, without adding any details.

Efron isn’t the only celebrity to suffer from this particular anxiety disorder. Earlier this year, Kim Basinger appeared on “Red Table Talk” and shared details of her own battle with agoraphobia.

“I wouldn’t leave the house. I would no longer go to dinner. Something just completely shuts down within you and you have to relearn everything,” she confessed.

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“I had to relearn to drive, and for many years I would not go through the tunnels at Malibu,” she added. “Everything used to make me nervous, like the glass [sliding] to open the door, or, ‘Where do I step to open the door?’ Everything became a big job to figure out how to do it.”