Queen Elizabeth II‘s corgis have found a new home. According to multiple reports, the Queen’s beloved pets will live with the Duke and Duchess of York, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

The pair, who divorced in 1996, both still live at the Royal Lodge on the Windsor estate. It was Ferguson a.k.a. “Fergie,” who found the puppies, who were reportedly gifted to the late monarch by the Duke.

The Duchess was said to have bonded with Her Majesty over dog-walking and riding horses, and even after her divorce, continued her friendship with the Queen by walking dogs through the Windsor estate.

The Queen, who died Thursday at the age of 96, is said to have had four dogs at the time of her death, two Pembroke Welsh corgis named Muick and Sandy, a dorgi called Candy, and a cocker spaniel named Lissy. It’s also been reported that she had over 100 horses.

The Queen’s love of corgis is long-standing, starting in 1933 when the Duke of York, Elizabeth’s father, brought home a puppy for the would-be Queen, whose interest in the breed was piqued by a family friend. She would later be gifted a corgi of her own in 1944 named Susan, by her father, as an 18th birthday present.

Press Association/PA Photos Limited [2001] all rights reserved”.
Press Association/PA Photos Limited [2001] all rights reserved”.

The monarch decided to stop taking on corgis in the mid-2010s because she did not want to leave any dog behind when she died, but in 2021, amid Prince Philip‘s ongoing health issues, the Queen was gifted two new corgis — Muik and her late dog, Fergus — by Prince Andrew and his daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, in an attempt to cheer her up. Just weeks later, after suffering the loss of her husband, the Queen suffered another devastating loss when Fergus died at just two months old. The Duke of York would go on to gift his mother another corgi, Sandy, on what would have been Philip’s 100th birthday.

In 2016, she posed at Windsor Castle on the cover of Vanity Fair with four of her dogs at the time.

“The most moving, important thing about this shoot is that these were all her ideas,” photographer Annie Leibovitz told Vanity Fair at the time. “[Queen Elizabeth] wanted to be photographed with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren; her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh; her daughter, Anne, the Princess Royal; and her corgis.”

Long sharing the spotlight with Her Majesty, in February, the Queen’s dorgi, Candy, made a surprise appearance as Her Highness carried out a memorabilia viewing at Windsor Castle, ahead of the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne.

When her pup trotted into the Oak Room, Queen Elizabeth sweetly petted her and said, “And where did you come from? I know what you want.”

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