Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are on a mission to raise awareness for colon cancer.

The co-chairmen of the Welsh football club Wrexham AFC and stars of “Welcome to Wrexham” teamed up with Lead From Behind, an organization striving to break the stigma surrounding colon cancer and to spread awareness of the preventable disease.

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In order to help “kick colon cancer’s a**,” Reynolds and McElhenney, who both turned 45 this year, each underwent colonoscopies — a “stunningly effective,” roughly 30-minute “routine screening” that should be done every few years after turning 45. The “competitive guys” documented their experience to help promote the “simple step” that “could literally save your life,” Reynolds said. 

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After the “Deadpool” actor let people in “on a camera being shoved up [his] a**,” Dr. LaPook found “an extremely subtle polyp” on the right side of his colon. 

LaPook, who is also a chief medical correspondent for CBS News, said the detection was “potentially lifesaving” for Reynolds since he had no symptoms. The polyp was removed before it could develop into cancer.

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To watch Reynolds and McElhenney, who also documented his colonoscopy, eat graham crackers as their anesthesia wears off post-procedure, check out the video above.