Drew Barrymore finds herself fighting a perceived bad girl reputation.

Barrymore catches up with Selma Blair on “The Drew Barrymore Show”. Reading Blair’s new book reminded Barrymore a lot about herself.

“Reading your book which there are so many parallels to my life,” Barrymore says. “Basically I wanted to call this conversation of ours ‘Mean Baby and the Bad Girl’ because…

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“You were the bad girl but you never were,” Blair interjects. “You were always good, you were reckless maybe.”

Barrymore tells a story about talking to Britney Spears at the latter’s wedding. Barrymore opened up about her fight to shed her alleged reputation for being a bad girl.

“Well it’s interesting too because I went to Britney Spears wedding and then at one point we got into a conversation where somehow we are on the dance floor and I’m like. ‘Sometimes I just have this narrative in my head where like I say to myself, I’m a bad girl and it’s a narrative like I really fight,'” Barrymore says.

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“And she stopped and she looked at me and she goes, ‘Yeah but isn’t being bad fun also?’ Then she danced away and then for the rest of the night I wanted to get back to her and say, ‘I think I’ve gotten too far away from it.’”

Blair agrees.

“Right I can still enjoy things,” Blair says. “Like that’s what I was looking for in being a bad girl. We weren’t looking to be bad, we were looking to have some fun, have our say, have some control. We just didn’t have a guidance thinking long term. You certainly did great, I certainly was more hit or miss but I made it to a safer place.”