Howard Stern thinks the American public is spending too much time thinking about Queen Elizabeth II and not enough time focusing on Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago documents.

Stern, during a recent episode of “The Howard Stern Show”, expressed his displeasure with the frenzied media attention around Queen Elizabeth II.

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“It’s weird traditions and everything and I’m like, ‘Jesus, enough with the Queen!” Stern told co-host Robin Quivers on Monday, according to Page Six. “I mean, it’s America, we don’t have a Queen.

“I mean, I get it. The Queen was a nice lady, I guess. My whole life the Queen has been the same Queen and there’s a tradition there and she did her duty to her country, I get it, I get it, I get it but we gotta get back to Trump, where those papers are that they found at Mar-A-Lago.”

Stern said he finds the hyper focus on Queen Elizabeth II bothersome.

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“It’s annoying!” he exclaimed.

Queen Elizabeth II died on Sept. 8 at age 96. She was the longest-living and longest-reigning British monarch.