Claire Foy said she was “honoured” to have got the chance to play the Queen in “The Crown” after the late monarch’s death at age 96 on Thursday.

While promoting her new film “Women Talking” at TIFF , Foy was asked by the BBC about playing the royal role in the first two seasons of the hit series.

The actress, who nabbed Best Actress awards at both the Emmys and Golden Globes for her portrayal of the Queen, praised: “I think that she was an incredible monarch.

“She united people and she was a massive symbol of continuity and dignity and grace.”

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The British star went on: “My main feeling is just thinking about her as a mother and a grandmother and a great-grandmother, really, and I’m very honoured to have been a teeny tiny, small part of her story.”

The first season of the hit Netflix show followed the Queen’s life from her wedding to Prince Philip in 1947 until 1955.

Foy’s comments come after Olivia Colman, who played the Queen in seasons 3 and 4 of “The Crown”, also appeared at TIFF to promote her latest flick, “Empire of Light”.

She told Variety of the Queen, “She made a promise as a young woman and she absolutely kept it with such dignity, and I think we’re all incredibly impressed by what she did.”

“From a British point of view, he did it so beautifully,” she added of King Charles III’s speech on Friday. “It was all about love, tolerance and gentleness, and I think that’s what she always wanted and she’s done.”

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Colman was then asked whether she’d given Imelda Staunton, who is playing the Queen in seasons 5 and 6, any advice.

“No! Who gives Imelda Staunton advice? She will be incredible,” she laughed. “I can’t wait to watch her.”